Posted on: October 6, 2010 10:51 pm

Roy Halladay: Mr. Doctober

Roy Hallady is the best pitcher in baseball. Period. No questions asked. There is no one better at striking pitchers out and is one of the best fielding pitchers since Greg Maddux.  In this era of power baseball, it's refreshing to see a finess pitcher.

Halladay is the Doctor behind the compound known as H2o (Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt).  For this reason, the Phillies have yet another great chance at winning the World Series and I think they get in in 5 over the Rangers (yes, the Rangers, they will take down the Yankees).

Through out his entire career, Halladay has had the stuff to throw a perfect game every night and this night was no different.  Tonight he had perfect command of every pitch and got the strikeouts when he needed them.  Now that Halladay is finally on a contending team, his moniker as "the Doc" will take on further meaning.  His command is some of the best in all of baseball history and that pitching motion keeps hitters off balance all day and night.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see another no-hit bid out of Roy before this season comes to an end.
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Posted on: October 4, 2010 6:06 pm


We're only 5 weeks into the college football season and the BCS is already ticking football fans off...or atleast this one.  Now having Alabama number one and Ohio St. number 2 is ok, but why is Oregon number 3? The last time I checked Boise St. didn't lose so why did they get leap froged?  Oh yeah, they play in the WAC.

I guess I'm just crazy and don't understand anything but shouldn't a FBS team be able to play for a BCS title? In terms of who can actually win a title, all this conference realignment to form "mega" or "championship" conferences seems like a good idea considering that teams from only the PAC 10, Big 12, Big 10, and SEC have a chance to win (do you really think the BCS would let a basketball school like UNC win a football title, it won't get as much money).

They say that the BCS is a computer ranking but that might just be half the story, the other half being a dollar sign story.  Let's face it, college football is no longer about competition, its about dollar signs and thats why teams like TCU and Boise St. will never play for a championship and it's sad.  People constantly bring up a case against Boise because they haven't played a strong enough schedule and they come from a weak conference...haven't they beated Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, and Oregon St in the last 5 years? The answer is yes.

I've seen to many times in college basketball of teams beating higher ranked teams (as a KU fan, take Bradley, Bucknell, and Northern Iowa) so why is it so evident in football.

Of course I have my idea for a playoff in college football and it amount to this...

Take the top 10 teams in college football, give the top 2 teams a bye to start the playoffs and go from there.  The set up is identical to basketball in that the number one team will play the winner of a game between the 9th and 10th ranked teams to start and so on and so fourth. The bowls are still in place for the teams that don't make the top 10 field and the final 4 games before the championship will be the BCS bowls (Orange, Fiesta, Rose, Sugar).

What this system does in my eyes is give the top 2 teams the best shot to get to the title game but still leaves the chance for a few upsets.
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Posted on: September 21, 2010 11:29 pm

What's in a Contract...or a Letter of Intent

Ahhhh yes, the start of the football season is finally here.  Pretenders are winning games and college kids are being over-hyped for the Heisman. Oh how I love this time of year.  The only thing that taints this wonderful time is the likes of Darrelle Revis and Vincent Jackson are on their ways back to the field.  Why do I have a bone to pick with these players, well it's simple, they have contracts and for the entire off-season did nothing but complain...about getting paid.  These athlete's are known as holdouts or as I like to call them whiners.  In the case of Darrelle Revis, sorry Darrelle, you had one breakout season, you don't deserve to be the highest paid player in the NFL, no matter how good your famiily and friends say you are.  Now Vincent Jackson in in the same boat and even more, he's still in a holdout and (drumroll please) a suspension.  If you're a suspended player, I'm sorry, but get your hindquarters on that field, you've screwed up enough.

Nothing ticks me off more than millionaire athletes begging and crying for more money when we're supposed to be in an economic crisis.  I'm not saying that players shouldn't be paid all that money because I for one don't know what I would do if I couldn't watch sports, I'd probably have to read a book or something and who wants to do that.

These same problems exist in the college game too.  All the one and done's in college basketball are ruining the game.  When you sign a letter of intent, much like a contract, you are expected to honor it and the last time i checked, college is a 4 year commitment, sometimes more.  To me, athletes should be in college until they earn a degree and if you can get it in under 4 years, feel free to leave after 3 but if you can't setting in for 4 of the best years of your life.  Where else can you play infront of people who care about watching the actual game and not about luxury boxes, it's a place called college, so enjoy it while you can.
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Charlie Hustle*

As the 25th anniversary of Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobb's record for hits in a career with 4,192 I got to thinking, "what do we do with cheaters in sports?"  This question has been brought up multiple times on message boards and Sports Center and it comes up here now.  
To me, if any player in any sport tests positive for steroids you get the wonderful "*" next to your name.  If you are lucky enough to be a Hall of Fame caliber player, sorry but you don't get it, the HOF is for players, not cheaters.

That then brings up the question about players like Pete Rose who didn't take steroids but are banned from baseball.  We all know Pete's story, he gambled on baseball and in his words he never bet against the Reds, only on them, and to this day is still banned from baseball.  Another player with a similar storyline is "Shoeless" Joe Jackson who was banned from baseball after the 1919 World Series in which he was convicted of throwing the series.  His involvement has been questioned since he could not read or write to sign or read documents pertaining to the case which is why he at one point confessed his involvement and has since been perceived innocent based on statements from other 1919 White Sox players.

Now the difference between these two men and the players of today is that they did not directly enhance their performance with illegal substances.  The records of these players has tainted to records of baseball and unless baseball changes the records, baseball will be tainted forever.  With records such as Barry Bonds's homerun records still intact and Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez still climbing the list, baseball's records continue to be ruined.

When these players eventually hang it up for good and are up for Hall of Fame induction, what do we do with them?  It's pretty simple, they don't get in.  Baseball analysts such as Peter Gammons have suggested a Steroid Era wing of the Hall of Fame for these players and the fact that these "players" can possibly be put in the same breath as Ruth, Gehrig, Brett (I'm from K.C., you're darn right I'll put him in there) is sickening.
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Posted on: September 6, 2010 11:38 pm

Combat Gimmick

Watching the Boise St.-Virginia Tech football game I found myself thinking "what the hell is Virginia Tech wearing?". These new Nike "Combat Uniforms" might be the biggest joke in recent college football history.  The schools that currently have these particular uniforms are: Virginia Tech, TCU, Ohio St, Florida St., Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, LSU, Missouri, and Miami...see full list here:
. The think that makes these uniforms a complete joke are the slogans like: "fear the spear", stake our claim", "finish the mission", and "beast mode".  Some of these uniforms are actually pretty cool like Ohio St., Florida, Texas, and Miami but some of them are just ugly like TCU, Missouri, and Virginia Tech.

What ever happened to the use of school colors for uniforms, it seems like every school now has a black uniform even if it's not a school color...I'm looking at you Va. Tech especially because so many schools have good color schemes already...again I'm looking at you Virginia Tech.  I don't have a problem with the cool designs but when you try to make players look like robots you start to take away from the game.
Posted on: September 6, 2010 3:25 pm

KU vs Georgia Tech Preview

This particular entry can be summed up in two words...train wreck.  Georgia Tech comes to Lawrence this Saturday to take on a Kansas team coming off a loss to North Dakota St., yes North Dakota St.  With the stagnant offense shown against NDSU, this could be a long Saturday afternoon for KU but luckily Georgia Tech keeps the clock running with the run game so maybe it won't be as long as it could be.  The only bright spot for this KU team is that this game is one more game closer to the end of the season but I'm gonna slow it down a little bit and break down this likely massacre of a football game.

It's pretty simple, if KU can't throw the ball this game will be over after the 1st quarter.  Running the ball won' t be enough for Kansas and after NDSU, it doesn't look like KU will be able to run the ball against G-Tech either.  If this passing game is going to work Jordan Webb needs to be the starter, though the stats are very comparable after 1 game, Kale Pick was 13-22 and Jordan Webb was 6-11, if you double Jordan he was 12-22 so that's how I figure comparable, Webb just appeared to be more comfortable in the pocket and on the move and found the open receiver where Pick looked unsure of about every throw and even completed one to the other team.  Both QB's were sacked twice so there is definitely a problem with this experienced o-line.

The problems with the line were also evident in the run game as KU only manged 117 rushing yards on 32 carries.  In Georgia Tech's game against South Carolina St., the Bulldogs only ran for 178 yards on 39 carries and only THREW for 94 yards, both of those things Kansas didn't do well at all against North Dakota St.

Defensively for KU I was very impressed, only giving up 99 rushing yards and 95 passing yards in good against any team, If Kansas is going to have any chance of beating Georgia Tech, they'll need to hold the Yellow Jackets to less than 250 yards rushing...that seems high but it's all Georgia Tech does.  This is a tough task for a defense especially when Tech runs the ball 50+ times a game (56 times for 372 yards last week) so this will be the week the linebackers need to show up this week.

In the secondary, I love the change to more of an attacking defense from Clint Bowen's prevent defense.  The secondary looked good against NDSU so for on those rare occasions that Georgia Tech throws, I look for more of the same.

Prediction: Kansas-17 Georgia Tech-38
In the end, the KU offense will get a rhythm but the run game will be to much for this defense to handle, I think it'll be close for a half, but the Yellow Jackets pull away in the 2nd half.
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Posted on: September 3, 2010 1:04 am

Nyjer Morgan: Pitcher Fighter

If you haven't heard, Major League Baseball had its second best brawl of the season the other day and it was brought to us by Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan who went after Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad.  For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, let me inform you.  In game one of the series Nyjer came in hard to the plate and trucked Marlins catcher Brett Hayes and dislocated his sholder, ending his season, then the next day Mr. Volstad decided to bean Nyjer in the 4th inning and he decided to steal not only 2nd but 3rd as well and then come around to score. The fireworks started in Morgan's next at-bat. With Volstad pitching he had finally had enough of Nyjer's hustle on the basebath's and breaking baseball's unwritten rule of not stealing when down 11, sorry baseball but "you play to win the game", anyways, the first pitch to Morgan goes flying behind his back and it was on, Morgan charges the mound and lands a weak left hook on Volstead's back then gets cold cocked by the left arm of Gaby Sanchez.  When the scuffle finally ends we see Nyjer walking off the field hands up like he just won the WWE Championship and in all fairness he had every right to.  Most people will call Nyjer Morgan a thug, insult to the game, whatever, but to me he's one thing...right.  

Nyjer Morgan did what any self respecting speedster would do when put on the bases, and thats steal them.  You want to tell me that Ricky Henderson wouldn't have stolen a few bases after you plunk him with a pitch.  As for Nyjer's actions after his ejection for talking on someone double his hight, could we have done without it, yes, but is it entertaining, you bet.  The man gets to play for the Nationals for 162 games a year, what is there to get excited about there, fighting someone on a team almost just as bad thats what!  It's about time for a Nationals player to show some fire and I'm sorry but this fight was wonderful.  Nyjer didn't come out with a bat or anything it was simple man on taller man fighting and although he clearly didn't win the fight, he won a fan in me.

I also don't have any issue with the problems that led to this brawl.  Running into the catcher is just as fair as throwing chin music to back the hitter up.  If the catcher gets hurt, oh well, everyone gets hurt, get over it.
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